Jai Thep Festival isn’t just about the music, we also have plenty of workshops and activities to keep you entertained throughout the day. There’s always a strong, conscious aspect to our workshops (we are in Chiang Mai, after all!) but we have plenty of physical and artistic activities for you all to enjoy, too! Access to all workshops is free with your ticket, so make sure you take advantage, try something new, learn some new skills and broaden your horizons! Here are just a few of the workshops you can enjoy at Jai Thep Festival 2019…

Featured Workshops

Shamanic Breathwork Journey

Are you ready to release blockages, and let go of old beliefs, old stories, and old patterns that no longer serve you? Are you ready to release your emotions, and open up to your authentic, happy, true self? Then join us for a shamanic breathwork ceremony, where you will journey within to heal your traumas and transform your mental and emotional state through the Life Force energy of Pranayama. Conscious breathing is a great tool to relieve anxiety and stress, and to help release trauma from the body. It can help you gain clarity of the mind, relaxation in the body, and assist you in letting go of what holds you back. In this ceremony we will journey within through meditation and qi-gong practices to open up our energetic body. Participants will have their own space to lay down on their back, and will be guided through a conscious breathing technique. Music will be played to assist you on your journey inward. You can expect to release your emotional blockages and unlock new parts of your consciousness. Some people laugh. Some people cry. Some people experience intense feelings in the body, or intense feelings of joy and release. Everyone’s experience is unique. Come with an open mind, and you will leave feeling reborn and renewed.


Capoeirista/athelete, João Daldegan, discovered the art of Capoeira in 1993 when his curiosity unsuspectingly brought about a brand new way of living. His deep commitment and passion for the martial art led him to develop work Capoeira schools since 2000, which subsequently led to the training of N’Golo Capoeira teacher’s circle. João has journeyed a colorful career as a Capoeira teacher offering classes for children and adolescents at leading schools in Brazilian while participating in numerous renowned events organized “CAPOESCO” of Brasilia. From the Great Women Roda of Capoeira, Mirim Festival of Capoeira to France-Brazil Capoeira Project, João attended international events in the company of expressive Masters and Legends of Capoeira in Brazil. Since 2014, João taught private classes in Thailand and traveled all over the country making workshops, classes and performances as Wonderfruit Festival Pattaya, Jai Thep Festival Chiang Mai and others. Alternatively, you can find him sharing his passion in Capoeira in Bangkok at The Home BKK. João invites you to experience the magnetic spirit of Capoeira yourself and look forward to warmly welcoming you!

Figure Drawing

Our friends at the Hanoi Life Drawing Society will be running a figure drawing workshops for anyone who wants to learn to draw, as well as already practicising artists. You’ll draw live models (with clothes on!) and be guided through drawing exercises that will help shape your own creative style. Come join the fun and hone your skills!

EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique) Tapping

Michael Hetherington (BHlthSci) is a best selling author, yoga & meditation instructor, acupuncturist and chronic tea drinker from Australia. He specializes in moving people out of stagnation, anxiety and depression and into a more inspired and fearless life using the internal sciences of yoga, energy psychology and Chinese medicine. He has been involved in the healing arts for over 10 years and many people describe him as calm, knowledgeable and playful.