With over 100 musical acts playing, Jai Thep Festival 2019 has something for everyone. Take a look at the full musical line up below!

(Remember, we’re using a 24 hour clock, so if the act is playing after midnight (00:00) take a look at the next day’s schedule, please!)
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Featured Artists


Over the past years, NINZE & OKAXY established a significant and experimental slow-tech sound, aka Ketapop, by creating a spherical, yet melancholic atmosphere with a distinctive deepness and complex sound patterns. Mixing noises from out of space, moving baselines and complex sound patterns, the duo create amazingly atmospheric sets that take the audience to places they’ve never been before, and leave them happily asking ‘did that just happen?’ As part of the Laut&Luise family and doing their magic at their other live project Wide Awake, NINZE & OKAXY have enchanted crowds all around Europe and from South to North America.


Chiang Mai legends Sanim Yok are bringing Thai rock and roll band to Jai Thep Festival 2019! Writing heartfelt music from their own experiences and representing social problems within the lyrics of their songs, if you are looking for authentic Chiang Mai sounds, this band shouldn’t be missed.


Deer is a truly unique Mexican band based in Hong Kong, that mixes trip rock, industrial sounds and deep basses with powerful vocals and nostalgic lyrics. Deer have toured their hypnotic music across China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, Estonia, and Spain and performing in some of the best music festivals around Asia. In 2016 they started working with the producer Yuchain from the Taiwanese band Green Eyes. In 2017 they worked together again for their debut EP titled Portraits.