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2, 3, 4 February 2018

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Jai Thep Festival

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Yes, Jai Thep Festival is returning to Chiang Mai on 2, 3, 4 February 2018, for an epic 3 day explosion of everything art, music and magic.


Jai Thep Framed

Yes this is Jai Thep Festival full of life, fun and excitement. View our favorite snaps below and or head over to our gallery page.

Jai Thep Festival party, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 3 day music festival.
Jai Thep Festival art, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 3 day music festival.
Jai Thep Festival DJ's, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 3 day music festival.
Jai Thep Festival costumes, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 3 day music festival.
Jai Thep Festival celerbration, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 3 day music festival.


What is Jai Thep?

A picture is worth a thousand words, get a real feel of what your 3 days at Jai Thep Festival will be like!



Emerging as one of Northern Thailand’s most exciting festivals, Jai Thep is back for a third occasion!

This time, we’ll be descending into the mountains outside of Chiang Mai, from February 2nd to the 4th, for a full three days of ArtMusicMagic. And now camping too!

Jai Thep is the first event of its kind in Chiang Mai, offering festival goers the chance to descend into a world built on art, fostered through inclusion, and fueled by love. Whether you’re a traveler passing through town on a search for lively music, a family looking for a safe and inviting space for kids to play in, or a lifelong citizen of Chiang Mai hoping to celebrate your community, Jai Thep has something to offer you.

With nearly 10 times the land, we’re looking to make this Jai Thep the most unforgettable experience yet. We will have five stages featuring live international and Thai bands, underground electro & house, eclectic music, ambient and New Age, as well as one stage reserved for dramatic and comedic performances. 

  • Curious to learn how to weave a dream catcher?
  • Hoping to learn more about connection through tantric yoga?
  • Curious to see what your Life Map looks like?

Jai Thep is as much about its workshops as it is about its performances, and this year our lineup for activities designed specifically to help you grow and cultivate new skills is longer and more diverse than ever!

Jai Thep is an environmentally conscious “leave no trace” festival, and we source heavily from local vendors to ensure that what we put in, goes back to the economy that we all share.

Jai Thep Festival

2, 3, 4 February 2018 |  Lanna Rock Garden, Chiang Mai

Come join us for an experience unlike any other!

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A little bird (or several little birdies) have been talking about us (Jai Thep Festival)

The best festival around!! Exactly what we needed here! such a good spirit of mixing art, music, love and life <3 Can’t wait for the next edition really!!!!!

Saffiya ARnous

The best crew, the best people, the best music and the best weekend.

Anthony Zibblezen

Fabulous vibe! Great for all ages a must xx

Kate Thomas

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