As well as the amazing music and workshops at Jai Thep, we’ll be bringing you a whole host of unique theatrical, dance and visual performances. From world-class fire spinning, to dance troupes, circus acts and Thai cultural performances, we have lots to entertain you throughout the festival site, day and night.

We also want to take you Home! Our comedy, spoken word and open mic stage, ‘Home’, provides a cozy space to relax away from the music and connect with friends old and new. Come have a cup of tea, sit yourself down and listen to some Thep Talks (like Ted Talks, you see what we did there?) and recharge for a while…

Tyrone: GlamAerobics Superstar

If you came to Jai Thep Festival last year, you probably witnessed the magic of Tyrone and the Tyronettes! Back by popular demand, this 80s aerobics legend will be gracing the main stage once more in 2019, bringing you all the spandex and squats you could dream of!


QuestQuest is an interactive & theatrical role-playing extravaganza, returning once more to Home stage! Accurately described as a comedic performance version of “Dungeons & Dragons,” the QuestQuest team bring a collaborative imagination game from the table to the stage, building the story with their audience, YOU! Part improv show, part strategy game, and part interactive experience, QuestQuest will take you on an adventure like no other. Witness the maniacal mind of the “Dungeon Master”, roll the 20-sided dice and watch the characters deal with the consequences!and the collaborative powers of an engaged and enticed audience!


We have several incredible groups of fire-spinners performing throughout Jai Thep, featuring the skills of local Thai spinners Saipa FireArts, as well as international groups like the Flowmads (featured in the video below), Cosmic Fire Cats and Medicine Circus, based in Pai.  It’s rare to find such a huge amount of fire-spinners in one place (they’re an usual species, usually to be found up in mountains), but we managed it and they’re ready to set your souls on fire!