Workshops & Healing

Jai Thep Festival isn’t just about the music, we also have plenty of workshops and activities to keep you entertained throughout the day. There’s always a strong, conscious aspect to our workshops (we are in Chiang Mai, after all!) but we have plenty of physical and artistic activities for you all to enjoy, too! Access to all workshops is free with your ticket, so make sure you take advantage, try something new, learn some new skills and broaden your horizons!

As well as our workshop spaces, we have a dedicated healing area when guests can go to get individual, private healing treatment sessions. Relax and rejuvenate with treatments such as massage and reiki, and prepare to float off into a state of bliss! Sessions can be booked on site at the healing area/workshops reception desk.

Featured Workshop – Traditional Lanna Thai Dancing
As well as amazing us with her incredible fire performance skills, Khun Mint from ‘Saipa Fire Arts’ will be running a bi-lingual cultural workshop on traditional Thai Lanna Dance. This style originates from Chiang Mai, known as “Fawn Leb” and was originally an art performed for the Royal Courts. Join us at Jai Thep Festival and learn the 15 movements and poses, all accompanied by traditional Lanna instrumental music.

Featured Workshop – Connective Cacao & Sound Ceremony
By far the most popular of our workshops at the last Jai Thep Festival, our Connective Cacao & Sound Ceremony is back! Join Rachel Constantino in this playful, light-hearted ceremony where we will use the tools of cacao, meditation and sound to get grounded into our bodies, move out of the mind and into the heart, and then explore our divine connection with ourselves and others through connective exercises.

Featured Workshop – CNX Pole
CNX Pole is Chiang Mai’s first dedicated pole dance and fitness school! When Vikky and Lily first met they were both shocked that a city as diverse and active as Chiang Mai didn’t already have a pole studio. They realized they were both determined to bring this art they loved so much to our community so they banded together to do it and we haven’t looked back!

They both separately got hooked on pole after years of dancing in other forms. The physical challenge and endless chase to nail that badass new move is both motivating and highly addictive. While pole is an excellent workout and an expressive dance form, what they also fell in love with was the inclusive, body-positive and accepting nature of the pole community. It has taught them that every body is a pole body and the joy of self-expression through movement.

Come have a go and learn the basics and more at CNX Pole’s workshop at Jai Thep Festival 2020!