1. Location & Transportation

When is Jai Thep Festival 2020? What time do the gates open/close?

The next Jai Thep Festival is 31 January – 2 February, 2020.
Gate times: Friday 12 noon – 11pm
Saturday: 8am-11pm
Sunday: 8am – 11pm

Please note, single day tickets give you access to music until 3am the following morning. For example, if you only buy a Friday ticket you can stay until 3am on Saturday morning. After that point you’ll have to leave or buy a Saturday ticket if there are some still available (that’s not guaranteed!)…we know which is the better option at 3am so plan in advance for this 😉

Questions about site access times? Take a look here to help you!

3 day tickets = access from 12 noon on Friday until 12 noon on Monday 4th February

Friday 1 day ticket = access from 12:00 Friday to 03:00 Saturday.
Friday & Saturday tickets = access from 12:00 Friday to 03:00 Sunday

Saturday 1 day ticket = access from 08:00 Saturday to 03:00 Sunday.
Saturday & Sunday tickets = access from 08:00 Saturday to 12:00 on Monday 4th February

Sunday 1 day ticket = access from 08:00 Sunday to 12:00 on Monday 4th February.

Festival gates are closed for entry between 11pm and 8am each night. If you try to arrive in between these times you will not be allowed onsite, unless you are already wearing a valid wristband.

Where is the festival being held?

Jai Thep Festival 2020 is being held at Lanna Rock Garden again, just outside Chiang Mai Old City. Please click the image below for the Google Map 🙂

What public transport is available?

Jai Thep has organised public transport routes starting outside the Warorot Grand Palace, near Wat Phra Singh in Chiang Mai old city, to the festival site, by songtaews (red public bus taxis), with trips taking 30-45 minutes depending on traffic and time of day. 

The trucks will leave when full or at least every 60 minutes.

Google map pick up location:  https://goo.gl/maps/2hyhwWCBVFuuRC8JA
GPS: 1
8°47’21.2″N 98°58’49.2″E

There will also be a Jai Thep sign at the pick up point. 

Fee: 100 THB one way / 180 THB open return. 

The tickets can be used any day/time during the festival, within the times below, up to 1:30am.


From Warorot Grand Palace (Chiang Mai old city) TO Jai Thep Festival: 

Friday 31st : Start 11 noon, then back and forth at least every 60 minutes. Last songtaew leaves at 9pm. 

Saturday 1st : Start 9am, then back and forth at least every 60 minutes. Last songtaew leaves at 9pm.

Sunday 2nd : Start 9am, then back and forth at least every 60 minutes. Last songtaew leaves at 9pm. 

Monday 4th : No service to festival site.  

From Jai Thep Festival TO Warorot Grand Palace hotel:

Friday 31st : Start 1pm, then back and forth at least every 60 minutes. Last songtaew leaves at 1.30am the following morning. 

Saturday 1st : Start 8am, then back and forth at least every 60 minutes. Last songtaew leaves at 1.30am the following morning. 

Sunday 2nd : Start 8am, then back and forth at least every 60 minutes. Last songtaew leaves at 1.30am the following morning. 

Monday 3rd : Start 8am, then at least every 60 minutes. FINAL songtaew leaves at 1pm. You must be offsite at this point.  

Note: Some songtaews will be available back to the city between 1.30am and 3am, however, this is outside of Jai Thep’s main shuttle arrangement  – the Jai Thep open return ticket is not valid between these times, and prices may be more expensive (around 150-200 THB back to the old city, depending on the driver). You can also hire overall songtaew to go to Jai Thep for around 750 baht, at the driver’s discretion.

Is there space for my car or motorbike?

Although we’d prefer you to use public transport, there will be a car/motorbike parking area near the site.

2. Tickets & Cashless System

Where can I buy tickets?

3 day adult and 3 day student tickets are publicly available from 1 June 2019, here:  https://www.ticketmelon.com/728/jai-thep-festival-2020
1 and 2 day tickets are available from 1 September 2019 and kids aged 12 and under at the time of the festival are free with a paying adult smile

Tickets are also available at Festicket and AirAsia Redtix.

Which type of ticket do I need to buy? Are there any age limits?

There are no age limits at Jai Thep – we are family friendly and welcome guests of all ages!

Kids aged 12 and under are free – there’s no need to buy a ticket for them, but please bring proof of age if your kids look older than 12. Please note, kids need to be 12 or under at the time of the festival (31 January – 2 February 2020), not at the time of purchase.

Those aged 13-17 years need to buy student ticket/s – please bring proof of age to show you are under 18. Please note, teenagers need to be 13-17 years old at the time of the festival (31 January – 2 February 2020), not at the time of purchase.
Thai and international students aged 18+ and studying full time at university or higher education schools WITHIN Thailand, need to buy student ticket/s. Please bring your school ID/proof of current Thai university/school attendance.

Those aged 18+ who are not students at a Thai university/school need to buy a normal adult ticket. If you are 17 years old now, but will be 18 at the time of the festival, you need to buy an adult ticket.
The legal drinking age in Thailand is 20 years. If you are age 20+ but look younger, please bring ID if you want to buy alcohol.

Can I buy a 1 day ticket for Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

Yes, you can get a 1 day ticket for any day of the event – please make sure you select the correct day that you’d like to come to the festival. Once you have been given your wristband and entered the festival, your ticket becomes active and you have access to the festival and vendors for that day and the evening. If you have a single day ticket, you must exit by 3am the following morning.

Wristbands will be checked by security throughout the festival to make sure that only valid ticket holders, wearing the correct wristbands have access to camping and the festival area. Those without the correct wristband type will be asked to leave.

Can I buy a 2 day ticket?

Yes – if you buy 2 x single consecutive day tickets, for example, Friday & Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday. With 2 consecutive day tickets, you are allowed to access the camping area and stay overnight.

How do I receive my tickets?

Once you have bought your tickets, a confirmation email is sent to your email address with your tickets and a receipt. Can’t find your email? Please be sure to check your junk email folders! All purchases are subject to credit or debit card verification (if applicable), other security checks, and collection of payment by Jai Thep. If the payment is not fully made, or your card is rejected, your order may not go through, or may be cancelled if it fails security checks or payment is refused by your card or bank. To prevent agencies buying up tickets in advance, and selling them on for a profit (making YOU pay more!), we request that where group passes have been purchased, the person who bought the tickets MUST be present. He/she needs to be there to ‘check in’ your group of friends. We know things can change, so we don’t need the names of everyone in your group of 8.
When you receive your tickets, please print or save your QR code and keep them in a safe place. Jai Thep Festival is not be responsible for any tickets that are damaged, lost or stolen. Please don’t share your ticket confirmation email with anyone you wouldn’t want to use it!

Can’t find your tickets in your email, or didn’t receive one? Please login to Ticketmelon with the same email you bought the tickets with, and check under ‘My tickets’ – there’s an option to resend them to yourself smile

How does ‘check-in’ work?

When you arrive at the festival site, you must present your printed ticket or ticket QR code for scanning. This will be exchanged for the correct wristband, according to the ticket you purchased. Your wristband gives you access to the festival and, for those with 3 day tickets and 2 consecutive day tickets, you also have access to the camping area. You can ‘top up’ your wristband with money once inside the festival ground, and use this for cashless payment.

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

In the event the festival is cancelled, all tickets purchased before 1 September 2019 (i.e. before Phase 1) are refundable. From 1 September 2019, tickets are non-refundable; you can, however, give the ticket to someone else, if you can no longer attend . To do this, you need to provide the new owner with your ticket confirmation email. For security reasons, do not pass your ticket confirmation email on to anyone you would NOT be happy to use it for you! Tickets can be used once and we log when they are used, so again, keep your confirmation email safe!

How do I pay for items at Jai Thep Festival?

Payments onsite at Jai Thep Festival 2020 are cashless! No more losing or running out of hard cash!
Your ticket includes a wristband which you will receive upon entry to the site. You can top up your wristband credit for cash (and hopefully cards, we’re working on this!) at the designated booths. Then you can pay for your food, drinks and other items on site with the wristband! Jai Thep vendors will only accept the wristband credit.

What if I still have money on my wristband at the end of the festival?

You can refund it! There will be a on-site refund booth open throughout the festival until midnight daily, where you can exchange your credit for cash. The refund booth will be available for the final time on Monday 3rd February morning, 10:00 – 13:00. After that, the automated system will close and we can’t refund you, so don’t miss this last time!

Note: Minimum refund 100 baht, no maximum.


Camping & Accommodation

Am I able to camp?

Yes – Weekend (3 day) ticket holders, and those with tickets for 2 consecutive days (Friday & Saturday, or Saturday & Sunday), have access to the camping area and are encouraged to stay! Those with single day tickets, or non-consecutive day tickets i.e. Friday & Sunday, will not have access to camping and must exit the festival site by 03:00 the day after entry. Please see ‘What public transport is available?’ for information on transport back from the site late at night.

What's the deal with tents?

If your ticket gives you access to camping (full 3 day weekend ticket, or 2 consecutive single days), you are very welcome to bring your own tent. If you don’t have one, you can rent one from us at www.jaithepfestival.com/buy-now, or we have a limited number of tent packages available to rent on site too, for cash.

If you return your undamaged, rented camping items to HQ at the end of the festival, we’ll give you back 500 THB of the money you paid (if you break it, no deposit back, sorry!)

Silver Package – 1 person tent. Includes sleeping bag, pillow and mat.
This is a 1 person tent. As we’re in Asia it’s built around Asian sizes, so if you’re tall (over around 5’7) we’d recommend getting the Gold 1 Person Package)

Gold Package – 1 person tent. Includes sleeping bag, pillow and mat.
This is a 1 person tent but is larger than the tent in the Silver Package. If there is more than 1 of you, you should get the Gold 2 Person Package.

Gold Package – 2 person tent. Includes 2 x sleeping bags, 2 x pillows and 2 x mats.
This is a much larger 2 person tent. Realistically, you could fit a 3rd person in there, if you’re all small and the best of friends wink

If you don’t want to rent purchase them at places like Tesco Lotus, or Decathlon, but the onus is on you to find your own tent (and take it away with you afterwards)!

Will I be able to sleep well!?

Due to changes in land ownership, the camping area is closer to the stages this year. The two stages nearest to camping close at midnight and 2am. After that, music then moves further away from camping, to the opposite end of the land. As with all music festivals, we recommend taking ear plugs, particularly if you’re a light sleeper.


Is there a family camping area?

Yes, family camping is at the back of the camping area, furthest away from the stages. There are toilets and showers within the camping area (family and general camping) also for convenience 🙂


Are there showers/toilets in the camping area?

Yes, and yes!


What can I bring on site?

Bring yourselves, your sense of adventure, your best dance moves, your costumes, bubbles, eco-friendly glitter, facepaint, instruments and the usual camping equipment if you are staying over!

Please be aware food or drink (apart from infant food and water) purchased outside of the festival site is not allowed on site. We have plenty of food and drink options available, at prices to suit all budgets.

No drugs, illegal items, weapons, gas canisters, fireworks or other harmful items please! Management reserves the right to refuse entry.

No glass.

Please don’t bring single use plastic – plastic water bottles are ok if you’re going to reuse them. Jai Thep is minimal waste event (last year we diverted 75% of our waste away from landfill), so please bring only what you need, don’t litter, and take everything that you bring into the site away with you afterwards for recycling. Help us keep nature beautiful, please respect the site and leave it as you found it!

Are there hotels nearby?

Yes! If you don’t feel like camping, there are many options nearby. Whether you’re looking for a simple room, or want to spend the night in luxury, the area around the festival site has many options (but book quickly before they sell out!) There are also many options in Chiang Mai city itself, around 30 minutes drive away (public transport available), but below are some of the nearer resorts, hotels and guesthouses to the site. Check Agoda.com and Booking.com for other options.

Rajapruek Place
Lanna Resort
Bike Resort Chiangmai
Bulun Buri Resort Chiang Mai
Romsak Resort Chiang Mai
Baan Kwun Kiang Dao Resort
Foresta Villa
Phu Jaya Floresta Resort
Hernlihn Natural ResortVeranda Chiang Mai The High Resort

Food & Drink

Can I bring my own food on site?

Aside from infant food and water, no, please don’t bring outside food onsite. There are many, many food and drink options at Jai Thep, so please leave your own food at home and support the community food stalls instead. There’s a wide range of Thai and western food, over a wide range of prices (starting from 50 THB), so there’s something for everyone. 

For alcohol, we know it’s tempting but please don’t try to sneak it in – we have security doing bag checks and we don’t want your alcohol to get confiscated, so please leave it at home!

I am vegan / vegetarian / have a special diet - will I be able to eat the food there?

Yes, it’s a strict requirement that all food vendors at Jai Thep must have vegan options (and we don’t mean just chips, actual delicious vegan options with thought put into them). Some vendors also offer gluten-free options, depending on the item, and we advise our vendors to clearly label the ingredients in their items, so you can make sure there’s nothing in there that you can’t eat 🙂

Jai Thep Festival Dos and Don’ts


  • Bring your own: 
    – cup and water bottle to refill
    – bug spray
    – sun lotion
    – warm clothes for at night (There’s around a 10 degrees Celcius drop from daytime to nighttime, it gets cold and you’ll feel it, seriously!)
  • Drink enough water! Free water is available at stations throughout the site so stay hydrated!
  • Prepare yourself for serious fun and mind-opening experiences!
  • Be respectful of the environment you are in, including the site, the performers, the artwork, Jai Thep staff, volunteers, and each other.
  • Be responsible when drinking!
  • Join in the creation of collaborative artwork
  • Enjoy the workshops and try something new!
  • Make a note of the first aid stations, and ask if you need any medical help.
  • Go to Kosmic Nest if you feel you are receiving unwanted attention, or if you are feeling a little overwhelmed and need to regroup and recover.
  • Follow the directions of staff and security, to ensure your safety.


  • Don’t be disrespectful to anyone on site – We do not tolerate any form of violence, discrimination or disrespect towards any individual or community. We have a zero tolerance policy towards racism, sexism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination.
  • Don’t bring any single use plastic or glass onto the site, including single use cups and bottles you intend to throw away  (reusable bottles are great, please bring those!)
  • Don’t bring your own food/alcohol onto the site – the vendors aren’t expensive!
  • Don’t bring any balloons (not even really fun ones) on site!
  • Don’t leave anything on site! Make sure that anything you bring on site goes home with you when you leave – clean up after yourselves and don’t litter, please!
  • Don’t remove your wristband until after the festival!
  • Don’t move, vandalize or interfere with any of the artwork. For the collaborative art pieces, be respectful when painting – it’s a piece of art, not a bathroom door, so no writing of names or drawing inappropriate things, please!
  • Don’t camp in unauthorized areas.
  • Don’t use drugs or other illegal substances.
  • Do not bring illegal items, weapons or other harmful items onto the festival site.
  • Don’t bring your drone, for safety reasons!
  • Don’t light your own campfires! There will be dedicated fire spaces around the site.
  • Don’t bring your dog or other pets – they will not be allowed on site.
  • Anyone breaking the rules may be asked to leave the festival site.