Aside from the amazing music, informative and engaging workshops and talks, and performances, we have lots of other features for you to enjoy at Jai Thep Festival 2019!

360° Dome

Jai Thep Festival 2019 is the only festival in Thailand where you can experience the magic of this fully immersive 360° cinema, from FullDome.pro Last year the dome was a huge hit, showing Android Jones‘s Samskara, and this year we have another great surprise line up of amazing 360° visuals for you!

Kosmic Nest

The Kosmic Nest is a safe space, in a secluded grove of Gaia’s Garden (wait til you see our map, coming soon!) The role of the lovely people in that area is to support the festival family, so we can all have a good time and feel safe. Festivals can be pretty intense and boundary dissolving. Often people may not know fully how to handle their experience, or they might be approached inappropriately and need somewhere safe to retreat to. Sometimes all that’s needed is a friendly word and a calming space.

If you feel drawn here…
– You can enter this secret garden.
– You can get warm by the fire.
– You can relax among the trees.
– You can sit silently in the sanctuary.

The Kosmic Nest team holds a safe space, on the edge of the festival, close to the sounds and feel of nature. We keep the fire burning all night. Our caring volunteers are here 24 hours a day, throughout the festival. All are welcome to share in this caring environment.

Haircuts by CNX Salon and Nails

We want you to look as fabulous as you’ll feel at Jai Thep Festival! To help with that, our sponsor CNX Salon and Nails will be on site providing 100b haircuts! Operating in Thailand for over ten years and situated in the downtown Rimping Market, CNX Salon and Nails provides all you hair care and nail needs. Visit their booth at the festival to get a discount promotion voucher and brochure. Get cut!