Art is always a HUGE part of Jai Thep and everyone is an artist, whether you know it or not!¬†Whether art is your job, a hobby, or something you did years ago at school and haven’t done since, Jai Thep is proud to provide a beautiful space where anyone can create; we have lots of collaborative art for festival-goers to enjoy painting.

If you’d rather watch other people create, we also have some incredible local and international visual artists live-painting and doing graffiti (all our spraycans will be recycled!) throughout the festival, as well as beautiful light installations. We also have some amazing 3D art installations built for you to enjoy and interact with! Whether you’re relaxing under our giant bamboo octopus, searching for treasure hunt clues in our elemental palace, or admiring our giant flower spirit lady, we have a visual feast prepared for your eyes!

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